Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beau with the Duck

Beau's been really good at sitting up for about a month so we moved him into the big duckie bathtub.  Well he made himself right at home after I washed him by sliding sideways and propping his feet onto the side of the tub.

Emilia's 1st Spring 2011 Soccer Game

Last Saturday was Emilia's 1st soccer game of the spring.  She got to be the goalie for the 1st quarter and she didn't let any balls get past her into the goal!  And she almost scored a goal.

Imagination Movers

We saw the Imagination Movers at the Verizon Theater.  Emilia was so happy that Nina and Warehouse Mouse came on their tour this time and Choo Choo Soul opened the show.  Emilia even made some Cheese Art for Warehouse Mouse's song.  We also ran into one of Emilia's friends from school, Gabby.


 Nina doing a hula dance.

 Warehouse Mouse!

 Cheese art :-)

Beau is a ham

Beau has already learned to pose for the camera!  And he loves to suck his toes!

Beau eating solids

Beau had his first taste of cereal a couple of days before he was 6 months old.  He took to eating right away.  This week we tried oatmeal and green beans.  Both of which he liked more than rice cereal and now he lunges forward to get a bite. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beau rolling

Beau has also discovered how to roll over when he wants to not just when he's mad and jerks his legs enough to roll over.
 Max and Biscuit are always supervising!

 Yes, he's a drooler like the shirt says.

Sweet and Sassy Birthday Parties

Emilia was so lucky to get invited to 2 Sweet and Sassy birthday parties!  The first one was a fairy party and the second was was a princess party.  Sweet and Sassy parties are truly amazing events for the girly girl.  The girls get to pick out a dress to wear and then get their hair, nails, and make-up done.  They sing a couple of songs on the stage and then have a runway walk.  At the end of the runway they sprinkle fairy dust and she was given fairy wings and at the princess party she got a scepter.  And there was lots of glitter everywhere!  She also got to ride in the pink limo for the 2nd party!!  She's decided she wants a fairy party for her 6th birthday with a limo ride.  Yeah she's a planner since we haven't even had her 5th birthday party yet.  I said that we would need to wait and see!

Fairy Party

Princess Party