Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emilia's 8th Birthday Party - Part 2

So after the impromptu game of Handshake Murder, we lit the candles on the cupcakes.  They sing "Happy Birthday", chant "Hip, Hip, Hurray" and then count.  After eating their vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, Emilia opened presents and then played Pictionary.  It was a quick 2 hours of excited (and loud) kids.  Emilia had fun and the kids took home their artwork.  I loved how different they were!  One made a birthday present for her sister, one painted pyramids, an owl in a tree, abstract art in 4 squares, and Emilia finally painted her fireworks that she's been planning since we ordered the canvases.

Emilia and Sophie 

Emilia and Hannah 

Emilia and Genevieve (who is moving back to Seattle after Term 2) 

We didn't have 1 good picture of Sam at Beau's birthday party but he was not shy at all at Emilia's party! 

Emilia and Sam 

Emilia and Nik (removed)

Emilia with Isabelle and Zoe

Emilia and Annie 

Jo, Emilia and Francesca 

Emilia and Francesca 

Isaac, Emilia and Jo 

Silly faced Jo 

Beau loves Jo and says that he's going to marry her one day. 

Emilia and Isaac 

Emilia and Eva 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Emilia's 8th Birthday Party - Part 1

Emilia wanted an art-themed birthday party.  So we decorated with black and white, purple and yellow (LSU? Geaux Tigers ;-)  All the kids are from her school-- about half from her class last year and half from her class this year.

They started by painting 20x20cm canvases with acrylics.

Beau and Sam used watercolors for their creations.

Beau was proud of mixing the black and red to make maroon.  At least one of my kids has the Aggie Spirit! 

Isaac thought this beard made him resemble Jesus. 

After painting, they played with the photo booth props.  They were so funny!  Maybe this is the older kids version of dress-up.  (I printed this out, traced it onto foam board, cut it them out and then hot glued a skewers to them)


Silly face!

Mean face!

Happy face!

Strawberry and marshmallow kabobs, apples, grapes, pineapple, Doritos, Cheese Os and pretzels

The murderer got them

Playing "Handshake Murder"