Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beau's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Beau's birthday with family and his friend Ryan (Emilia's friend Gabby's little brother who is a month older).  The theme was construction since Beau loves looking at big trucks and wheels.

 The older cousins-- Bailey, Ivy and Mia.
 Emilia and Gabby playing the piano
 The pirate ship was a hit!
 Paw Paw and Poppy - Beau's favorite people
 Car carrier!
 Phone (sister likes this one!)


 Oh and the giant metal airplane from Chris's dad, the pilot.
 Uncle Tyler teaching Beau how to hit a ball.  Yes, he's a southpaw.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beau's 2nd Birthday

Beau's turned 2 right after we came home from Seattle.  He's becoming such a talker that loves legos and trucks!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Seattle - Day 5 - Remlinger Farms

Our last day in Seattle, we went to Remlinger Farms.  They had these painting cutouts all over the farm and Emilia and Beau would pose for a picture at every, single, one.  They also have themed ones for holidays.

 Funny mirror
 I have super long legs!
 Emilia, Jake and Emilia

 Emilia riding Cucumber.

 Beau riding Spice.

 The old stagecoach
 Not sure which horse Beau liked more!

 Jake feeding the goat

 Old Firetruck

 and a School bus!

 The Train

Red Tractor
 Green Tractor (like Poppy)

 Gobble, gobble
 Cars that you pedal.  Well Beau was too short so Chris pushed him along.

 Horse Ride #2: Beau and Bumbleberry
 Emilia and Apple

 Apple likes to pose for me too.

 Yeah this is Beau's favorite horse.
 Canoe ride.  No one was in line so they went around twice.

 Train ride #2

 Going through the tunnel.
 Off to more rides.  Beau really likes that fire truck.
 Driving a car.  Like the ones that Astroworld had.
 Emilia was concentrating since she didn't want to be a bad driver.
 Steph, Brian and Jake

 The train passing us.
 My family.
 Flying pumpkins.  Hello Steph and Jake!
 Hello Emilia!