Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Sunday we went bowling with the Cook's after church.  The bowling alley was pretty new and check out our snazzy shoes and colored lights down the alleys.  Sam won the 1st game and I won the 2nd game... sadly with a score that was almost the same as my golf score on Friday.

Pretty girls - Emilia and Sophie

How Sam and Beau bowled. 

 Tickle monster!

Check out the people's faces in the background.  I'm sure they were thrilled to be next to our motley crew! 

It's a shame our kids don't have fun together! 

Photo by Beau 

Photo by Beau 

Emilia is a baby! 

Emilia photobombed the picture. 

The boys decided they needed a rest.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beau's 1st soccer practice

Beau had his first soccer practice last Saturday.  He loved it!

No hands in soccer, Beau! 

Kicking the ball to Daddy.  Trying to learn how to stop it with his foot. 

Kicking the ball to coach. 

Then zig-zag through the cones. 

Kick it to the goal. 


He can be so cute. 

Trying to knock 3 balls off with 1 kick. 


Kick one ball under the parachute to the hula hoop outside the parachute. 

What Emilia does during Beau's soccer practice

Monday, October 21, 2013

Perth Royal Show

The Perth Royal Show can only be compared to a combination of Children's Festival and Rodeo Carnival... if the carnival had showbags.  It has farm animals, horses, tractors, games, food, shopping.  It really was crazy.  We live a couple of train stops away so it was easy to get there and home.  We also went on the Saturday of the footie finals that the Fremantle Dockers were in and thought it wouldn't be crowded since people would be watching the game.  Next year we know we need to plan what we want to do and we'll probably also follow the yellow brick road...

 Peppa Pig on stage

Greyhound rescue 

Milking a cow 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Soccer End of the Year party

At the end of the soccer season, they had a sausage sizzle (hot dogs on the grill), fairy floss (cotton candy), face painting and bounce houses for the kids.  The trophies and team pictures were handed out at the end.  So until next year...

Emilia loves the sausage sizzles here!

Soccer buddies - Sam and Emilia

Emilia, Beau and Sam

Beau didn't want to get his face painted.  We tried 3 times.

Jacob Burns who plays for the Perth Glory pro soccer team was there to help hand out trophies.  His son plays with Subiaco too.