Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread Train

Yesterday Emilia and Mia made a Gingerbread Train.  Well at least that's what we attempted to make.  I think the Gingerbread Houses last year were kind of a disaster too.  Maybe we need to look at making them and not using a kit next year.  I saw one made around aluminum foil boxes here.
Beau poking the train.


Not exactly like the nice train in the picture!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beau's Christmas Party

2:45 Snack time (2 Christmas cookies)


3:00 Play outside

3:30 Christmas party - mini cupcake and fruit


Emilia's Christmas Party

Emilia's class sang 2 songs and recited 2 poems.  Then they had 4 stations set up: Rudolph sandwiches, snow, cookie decorating, and tree decorating.

Emilia and Mrs. Davis

Let's build a snowman!

Hey Owen, Do you want to combine your snow with mine?
Now we have a big pile of snow!
Ellie watching Emilia
Owen found a dolphin sequin to glue!

Houston Ballet's Nutcracker

We went to see The Nutcracker this year with Emilia's cousin, Bailey, and friends Zara and Sarah.  Zara and Sarah (with Jordan) also went with us to see Mary Poppins in 2009 and to Sleeping Beauty in 2010.  Look how fast these girls are growing up!!

Sarah, Jordan, Emilia & Zara in 2009
Mia, Zara, Emilia, Jordan & Violet in 2010
Zara, Sarah, Emilia & Bailey in 2011

We always eat at The Spaghetti Warehouse beforehand and then pose for pictures.

There was a huge Gingerbread House on display at the Wortham.

But Emilia's favorite part is meeting the characters during intermission.

This year we even got to meet the chef at the end of the show!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Introducing Freckles

Right before Halloween, I got a message from a friend asking if we would be interested in a new dog.  She had a friend who had just rescued 5 male Cavalier King Charles spaniels.  So I went for a visit and met this little 3 year old dog named Trigger... We called him Freckles from all his ticking.

Emilia was so excited when she got off the school bus and saw our new dog!  He is friendly and so sweet that everyone has fallen in love with him.  We found out is terrified of loud noises and was trembling from the thunder and lightning one night.  And he liked to escape from the backyard (5 times!) but the little escape artist has no where to dig/squeeze out anymore since we put up more boards and dug them in along the fence (unless the side gate is left open which is one of the escapes). 

I'm sure there will be many more pictures of Freckles to come since he loves wrapping paper and stealing toys, socks, shirts, etc. He'll also be sporting this for Christmas along with the family...