Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday at the Zoo

Emilia and Beau skipped school to go to the zoo with some of my oldest friends, Rebekah (with her husband Kevin, son Vincent and daughter Isabella) and Donna (with her daughter Joy).

Emilia loves to climb all the animal sculptures around the zoo for a picture.

 The first animal we saw was the Red Panda.  It is so cute and closely related to the raccoon.  Too bad it was behind glass so I didn't get a good shot since it would scurry around so fast.
 Emilia and Joy
 New baby elephant.  There's a new part where we were able to see them getting a bath before they were let out into the pin.
 Emilia and Beau (he really liked the fish.  Probably because they were the only thing at his eye level.)

 Thanks to Dora, Emilia was totally into reading and following the map in the new Africa section.  And thanks to Diego she knew some of the weirder animals.

 Feeding the giraffes!  For $5 you get 3 big pieces of lettuce to feed the giraffes.  They let 2 people on the platform at a time so you wait for your turn and then get to feed the giraffe.  Emilia wouldn't get too close so I saw how long their tongues are!

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