Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Jr. Day

Last night on our way to church, we explained to Emilia who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and why he has a day dedicated to him.  We said he was very important in getting equal rights for everyone since white and black people used to go to separate schools, there was separation at movie theaters, restaurants, buses, etc.

We explained that was how it was not that long ago like when Poppy (my dad) went to school.  So then she asked if Poppy went to the white school or the brown school (I guess I should explain that this goes back a couple of years to Emilia saying she didn't have any black friends.  So we named a few of her friends and she said that they aren't black, they're brown.)  I said that he went to the white school.  Then she asked if I was sure since Poppy's skin is tan and that's closer to brown than white.  Out of the mouth of babes.
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  1. There's a little boy in David's class at preschool. I think he's from somewhere in South America? David told us, "you know _____? He has a brown face!". The way he said it was like "a brown face? what's up with that?". Kids are so funny.