Friday, February 10, 2012

Loads of pictures

I'm behind.  I'm downloading 707 pictures from the camera.  Then I need to go through and edit them and then some new posts should be coming this weekend!  Lots of pictures of Avery and Beau, Emilia learning to ride a bike without training wheels (we're still working on that), Emilia's gymnastics meet, beautiful day at the park and probably random kid pictures too.

Emilia's 1st soccer meet of the spring is tomorrow so hopefully I can get those pictures up this weekend too.  For now, I'm cleaning out my closet... finally... but I guess it's almost Spring Cleaning now and not Christmas break cleaning!  No I'm not documenting that so don't expect any pictures unless the after is miraculous but I do want to give half of it away.  Plus I should do a post on all the things we've made off Pinterest.  So much to do but usually I just end up playing and reading to the kids, taking a bath or watching tv with Chris.

Here's a teaser picture...

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