Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Emilia!

Dear Baby Girl,

I can't believe that you're turning 6 today!  That means that your daddy and I have been watching you grow for 6 years and 9 months now.  You've turned into such a great girl.  Sweet and sensitive but active and creative. You make us laugh (unless you're tired or hungry-- so that hasn't changed from when you were a baby) and have flourished in your roll as the big sister.

You love art and writing.  You want to color, draw, and create things.  You use found objects (trash usually) and incorporate that into your pictures.  You also had a vision on making a dog house for your stuffed animals out of cardboard and then did it (with a little hot glue help from me when your tape wasn't holding up).

You also love to be outside and play sports - swimming, soccer, gymnastics, golf.  You love it all.  I dread the day when you will have to choose what you like best.  I still want you to try volleyball and basketball.  You'll be great in whatever you choose!  You've improved so much in soccer this year.  Playing 3 on 3 has made you a better player and you're learning strategy and making goals every game.  I can hardly wait to see how you do in your swim meets this summer.  Last summer, you were so competitive that when you saw someone ahead of you when you took a breath, you started to swim faster!  You've learned how to ride a bike without training wheels but still like to get on your Razor 360 and spin around or get on your scooter.

You've almost finished kindergarten.  Your conduct has been all green and blue everyday and we couldn't be prouder.  You love your teachers and have become a good writer and reader.  It's no surprise that art is your favorite subject.  It's amazing how far you've come in 1 year.  You read "Pete the Cat" all by yourself!  You're also a natural in math and seeing patterns.  Bailey even taught you some multiplication and Bethanee taught you how to write in cursive.  No matter how well you do in school, I try to remind you that its most important to treat everyone with respect and love Jesus.  We are so lucky that you are healthy!

All you wanted for your birthday are the new girl lego sets.  You've been playing with the ones you got this weekend already so I know you'll be happy!  Plus you have an Easter egg hunt at school!  So happy, happy birthday Emilia Grace, our 4-5-6 baby!

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