Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seattle - Day 3 - Zoo

Zoo Day!  As you can see, the weather continued to be wonderful.  It was in the 70s while it was over 100 in Houston.

 These were throughout the zoo.

 They had these sculptures throughout the zoo too.
 The giraffes were just about to leave their house to go into the open.
 Coming through.
 And we could feed them.

 Look at that tongue! 

 Yeah I was a little obsessed with the giraffes.  Just know that this is the very edited version!!

 Lions and tigers and bears (a little later) oh my!



 Playful!  He put the bucket over his head.

 Kimodo dragon

 Tongues out

 Tiny deer in the corner above E's head
 See it now?

 There's even a carousel.

 Here's the bear.  Are you still looking down here?

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