Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emilia's summer

Emilia and Chris spend their summer vacation days going to swim practice, hanging out at the car wash,

Going to the mall,

And the park.

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  1. I'm glad my husband isn't the only one who hangs out at the car wash. Does Chris stay at home with Emilia? Because he's putting me to shame as a stay-at-home parent. Our summer hasn't been nearly so eventful or fun-filled.

  2. Chris stays home when he's out for the summer. Luckily her school allows that for teacher's kids so we don't have to pay for a couple of months.

    Monday they went to the car wash- definitely man domain. There's no swim practice on Tuesday so he takes her to storytime at Borders and yesterday he also went to the library for books, picked up some fabric for our dining room chairs, and dropped them off to get upholstered since I didn't have the right attachment to make the double welting and he didn't know when I would get to it.

    He's honestly a superman. Plus he cooks for us whether he's working or not! Then today he went to the mall since his iphone keeps giving him errors with this new update and to the play thing in the mall- ew! Called my sister and she was at the mall too and brought antibacterial wipes. Plus my dad was there (my mom's stuck being a juror in a trial this week so I guess he's bored). So they all went to lunch and then my sister and Chris took the girls to the park.

    Then the teacher in him comes out and he works on her sight word flash cards and 2 workbooks so she's not totally out of the school mode.

    You have a reason to take it easy! Just hang out at the pool and try to stay cool. That's all I do and thank goodness he only makes fun of how many times I get up to pee while watching tv.