Sunday, June 12, 2011


On Friday the 13th of May, Emilia and Beau went for their 9 month and 5 year doctor appointments.  Then I was going to take Emilia to get a hair cut.  I thought I had a coupon for Sweet and Sassy haircut but it ends up that wasn't one of the 4 I had but $5 off ear piercing was.  Emilia said that she wanted to get her ears pierced and so I proceeded to try and talk her out of wanting holes in her perfectly unadorned ears... but she wanted it so badly and I had said that she could get them when she was old enough to take care of them.

 Little dots where they will pierce them...

 Someone's getting excited...
 Both at the same time
 "It hurt worser than the shot but I didn't cry."  She picked the little blue flowers and told everyone she saw for the next 2 weeks that she got her ears pierced.

And some of Beau being adorable while sister was doing her thing.

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