Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Hamper story

Let me tell you a little story of a hamper and a girl.  This hamper was given to a mother for her unborn baby at a shower many years ago.

The hamper was well-loved for over 5 years but one day, after many seams were sewn, buttons glued, and the laundry bag held together by 4 safety pins, a new hamper was bought.
The girl was very upset that the hamper was going into the trash.  Her parents asked if she should give it to someone else but she said that it wasn't good to give broken things to people.  The next day the girl woke up and wanted to know if the hamper was in the trash can.  It was only next to it for the next 3 days.

On the fourth night, the little girl asked if the hamper was in the trash can yet.  The mother said it wasn't but it was going tonight since trash day is tomorrow.  Little girl ran to the garage to see the hamper and ran back inside with tears coming down and warned her mother that she was going to freak out now.  And freak out she did.

Crying and begging and more crying.  The little girl's father sat at the dinner table hiding his face from laughing at the distraught little girl.  Little brother had no clue that a major meltdown was taking place.  And the flabbergasted mother finally calmed the hysterical little girl down by explaining that some squirrels and rats could use the hamper as a new home at the dump.  The little girl then threw the hamper away.  It's gone but not forgotten.