Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Phone pictures dump

I haven't forgotten about the blog.  I just don't have any pictures downloaded from the camera!  It's been busy around our house.  Emilia had her last soccer games of the spring and also started swim practice.  She had her time trials last Saturday and placed 6th in Freestyle and 8th in Backstroke out of 18 girls in the 6 & under group. 

This was taken at a Pump It Up birthday when a group of kids piled into the tornado machine.  The number on the back wall is the wind speed mph.

Emilia was showing off her pink glitter Toms.
 We hardly have any pictures of Freckles since he ends up as a blur trying to be next to me.
 Group picture with Beau and Freckles
Emilia and Bailey at Briton's Fishing Birthday party at Northshore Park.
 Beau longing for another kid's bike.

Beau riding his toy tractor.
Sneak peek- Our house is getting painted if the rain will stop long enough for them to finish!  This is after it had been pressure washed and caulked with the color test samples up.

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  1. ooooh--paint samples! how fun! love the pictures of freckles with the kids . . . i think we're going to have holly 100% house-broken in time to stay with you. one thing's for sure, she's a sweetheart, and she's going to want to snuggle!!!