Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rottnest Island

A couple of weekends ago we went to Rottnest Island with Evan.  It was his last weekend in town and Beau was growing quite attached to him!

 Emilia climbing at the playground next to where we ate lunch.

Rottnest Island was named after the "rats" that inhabited the island.  But they came to find out they were quokkas (sounds like cwackers in Aussie lingo).  They are about the size of rats but they have hind legs and pouches like kangaroos and hop around.  They were not skitish at all and the kids went right up and petted them and according to Emilia they are very soft.

We took a swim before our tour around the island and could really feel the currents and the kids got knocked over by the waves.
 Reminds me of Antigua.

 The lighthouse with a small spiral staircase up to the top.

 What I don't have a picture of is all the bikes that people are going up and down the big hills on.  Maybe one day we'll go back when we get our bikes and the kids are older.
 Salt marsh (the white at the water's edge is salt)

 Blue tongues on the ferry back to Fremantle.  I sure am glad that we didn't take a longer trip since this was making me seasick (or just reminding me how I felt for the 1st 20 weeks when I was pregnant with both kids).

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