Saturday, March 2, 2013

Penguin Island

We're still doing touristy things here in Perth.  Three weeks ago we went to Penguin Island.  We drove less than an hour south to Rockingham to catch a quick ferry ride over to the island that has the smallest penguins in the world aptly called "Little Penguins" on it.

As soon as we got off the ferry, we boarded a glass bottom boat for a Sea Lion tour.  We saw a couple just laying in the sun and before long another young one showed up.  The males rest here after swimming south from their breeding grounds. The young ones tried to get the older ones to play but they didn't want to so he kept swimming around all the kayakers in the water.

Little Penguins are nocturnal so we didn't see any out and about but they have a rehab center where about 10 live.  They also have a couple feeding times where their carekeeper talked about how each of them came to the center.  We also enjoyed the beach for a while before the Penguin Feeding although I like the Perth beaches better since the ocean here was more shallow and filled with seaweed.

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  1. you guys are having some of the greatest adventures! i love all the pictures!!!!