Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Caversham Wildlife Park

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park on Saturday to celebrate the day after Emilia's birthday.  This was a really interesting place that we'll suggest going there with people that come visit Perth.

There are tons of kangaroos hoping around and they'll give you food to feed them with.  They were so friendly even without the food.  There's also a Wombat and Friends show where you can get up close to birds, a python, lizard and of course a wombat. It wasn't packed with people so walking around was relaxing and made it enjoyable to look at all the birds, animals and plants.

Emilia will have a Lalaloopsy party at the beginning of May with some of the girls in her class once we get our container and can entertain better.

 The kids didn't see the black cockatoo moving down to say hello and this was taken right before the bird squawked.

 The white kangaroos are actually bred from the red kangaroos.

 Hop, hop, hop
 Look at the mama and joey in her pouch

 You know my kids love a good sign that you can put your head in (see Seaside and Seattle).  And no we don't know Kid #3.


 The top bird was dancing in a circle the whole time.
 These weird lizards.  They're big and don't have a long tail.  These are the same ones we saw at the zoo on Good Friday.

 My cute boys

New goat story to add to my dislike of goats: The goat ate our map out of Chris's pocket and Beau was crying hysterically.  Goats will eat anything!
 Turkey-- gobble, gobble

 Emilia called these Butterscotch.  I think they're miniature ponies.


 The wombat came out of his hole when he heard us and then went back when we left.
 Polly can say hello.
 So can Wally and Molly.


 Black swans
 And to finish with some messy ice cream before we head home.

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