Monday, April 8, 2013

Emilia's 7th Birthday

Emilia couldn't go to sleep the night before her birthday and then woke up earlier than normal.  She had balloons on her bedroom floor, a stack of presents on the kitchen table and Ellie the Elf came for a birthday visit.  Emilia was jumping up and down that Ellie found us in Australia!  (Our elf likes to pop in on birthdays and sometimes if the kids are getting close to the naughty list.)

Emilia and Beau playing with balloons

Stack of presents!

Ellie the Elf

American Girl dog! Thank you Aunt Kaley and Mia!

 The beginning of the birthday legos...

The Lorax movie
 Pillow Pets Dream light


It was time for a birthday cupcake after dinner.  She took cupcakes to school too.

 Beau wanted to blow out a candle too.

 Emilia's crown from Bethanee's card.
 The dragon craft from Bethanee (from her dragon party).  Last year we celebrated with her in Cloucroft on Spring Break and this year we're halfway around the world.

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