Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sydney - Day 5 continued - The Aquarium

The continuation of our Sydney vacation in July is finally here.  Our hard drive on our PC was deteriorating but all our music and pictures were on external drives.  So we ended up buying a MacBook Pro and hopefully won't run into this problem again.  But that led to us having to move the external drive information so we could reformat those external drives for a mac.  Luckily we had enough room between our 3 drives to do that.  So that's what Chris did on Emilia's school holiday along with field trips to the Kings Park waterpark, beach, Freo, zoo, and museums.

So onto the show...  After the morning at Bondi Beach, we headed over to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.  Captain Barnacles from The Octonauts (a tv show on Disney Junior) was there in the afternoons since we were there over a school holiday.

 Do you see the platypus?

She was funny.  She would hide and then swim in a circle up to the surface for a breath, and then go back to her hiding spot. 

There are the webbed feet. I've always been weirdly fascinated by the mammal with webbed feet that lays eggs.

 The had a quiz sheet for the kids so they stopped for quizzes and could stamp their booklet.

We found Dory and Nemo with his dad (below) 

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