Friday, October 18, 2013

Beau's 3rd Birthday Party

Beau celebrated with friends at his Lego birthday party on Saturday, August 10th.  We had 2 other brother-sister sets over to celebrate plus Evan was in town.

Chocolate cupcakes with Lego decorations. We also made homemade pizzas but didn't get a picture of them. Plus Doritos, fruit, and M&Ms on the table.

The house is decorated with streamers and balloons.  Chris drew Lego faces on some of the yellow balloons.

Beau loves Tilly- the older woman! 

Sophie decorating a Lego drawing. 

Nate pinning the party hat on the Lego man. 

Sophie's turn 

Red Panda needs a turn too. 

He blew them out once but they came back. 

Thank you Mamaw and Paw Paw! 

Thank you Moppy and Poppy! 

Thank you Aunt Kaley and Mia! 

Thank you Sam and Sophie! 

Thank you Nate and Tilly!  I love to read these books before bed.

Beau, the neat boy, cleaning up the wrapping paper. 

Evan drawing faces on the balloons and Emilia coloring it in.  We can always count on Evan to do art! 

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