Friday, November 1, 2013

Flat Stanley

Emilia had a request from a friend named Lily in The Woodlands to take her Flat Stanley on an adventure in Perth. So here are a few pictures we took with him.

Emilia showing Flat Stanley the black swans at the pond by our house 

Climbing on the structure at the park 

At the top with her friend Jo 

Riding her bike to school with Flat Stanley.  She walks, rides her bike or scooter to school unless it's an odd day with rain when Chris drives her.  I think that's only been a handful of days all year.

Flat Stanley at Emilia's desk in her classroom. 

Flat Stanley getting a good look at the Rosalie school sign at the front of the school. 

Flat Stanley with Sophie and Emilia before tennis. 

Flat Stanley at tennis.

Flat Stanley painting pumpkins for Halloween.

A few outtakes from Emilia's first day with Flat Stanley when he still had his hat.  I asked Chris to take pictures with Emilia smiling and not wearing her 3D glasses without lenses.

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