Saturday, November 16, 2013

O Christmas Tree

When Chris and I bought our first house, the previous owner left her Christmas Tree in the attic.  It was a huge 9 foot tree that we put in our front window for 7 Christmases.  We had the highest ceilings in our little one story and we ended up putting the tree on another base that raised it another foot or so.  But this tree was not pre lit with lights.  We had to put it together every year, branch by color-coded branch.  Lights were strung row by row until the top.

When we moved to our next house, we didn't have a great place for the tree.  It was almost as tall as our 10-ft ceilings once the snowman was at the top.  Every year we looked for a pre-lit tree but every year we talked ourselves out of it.  Finally last year, we took the plunge.  A beautiful pre-lit slim line tree came home with us after some back and forth and finally the encouragement from my great and talented friend Amanda.  Of course we all know by know what happened after Christmas last year… We moved to Australia…  And Australia has different power so it didn't cross our minds to take it.  I have a beautiful, new grey and white linen tree skirt in storage that has never been used!

So this year we bought a 4-ft tree and decided on a whole new theme.  Instead of my red, silver and chartreuse balls with snowman ornaments, we would go aqua and silver with Australian animals.
We put it up last weekend since they don't celebrate Thanksgiving and it's spring so everything is all whack-a-doodle about Christmas in the summer.

The Sydney Opera House and Kookaberra

Koala, Crocodile and Platypus 

Penguin and White Kangaroo 

Echidna and Brown Kangaroo 

On the far right, you can see Beau's airplane with Santa

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