Sunday, April 6, 2014

Emilia's 8th Birthday Morning

Emilia woke up and noticed that Ellie our Elf had returned and dressed for a party!  I forgot to take a picture of her but you can see her on the right in this picture…

Emilia has been looking at Aunt Kaley's present for days and she knew that was the first present she wanted to open.
Beau was the trash (recycle) man 

A purse from New York City (and it must be said with the salsa commercial voice-- NEW YORK CI-TAY

The mermaid from FAO Schwarz now named Millie (also from NYC)

Lalaloopsy Smile E. Wishes 

2 cards that arrived for Emilia on Friday!  1 from Cloudcroft, NM and 1 from Riverside, TX 

The one from Marsha and Bethanee has a puzzle (and Emilia loves puzzles) 

The one from Moppy and Poppy had a window sticker 

She wanted Pictionary but apparently they don't make it anymore.  I found this on Gumtree (Australian craigslist) right down the street for $5!  The only thing missing was 1 pencil and it was barely used.

Lego Movie set 

Monopoly Perth Edition 

More Legos 

Mamaw and Paw Paw's card had a little dog that came out of the purse. 

Beau wanted to show me his favorite toys - Cinnamon the daddy Red Panda, Turbo and (Original) Red Panda. 

Emilia and Beau testing out the "photo booth" before the party

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