Saturday, April 5, 2014

School Treats for Emilia's class

On Friday, the day before Emilia's 8th birthday, Rosalie's faction Onslow was doing a fundraiser so Emilia gave a gold coin donation and had free dress wearing Onslow green.  This is one of the very rare days were she isn't wearing a blue uniform to school!
Dress from Country Road and shoes from Target 

They also had soccer shot, hockey shot, guess how many jelly beans are in the jar, etc.  So Emilia bought 1 kick for soccer and made it (She was pretty sure that she would so she didn't buy 2 shots).  She also brought rice crispy (Rice Bubbles) treats for her class based on this from pinterest.

Now things are a little different in Australia.  The marshmallows here and white and pink (strawberry) so the treats were tinted and a bit flavored.  And the sprinkles for the white chocolate end are called "hundreds thousands".

They are growing up!

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