Sunday, August 31, 2014

Emilia's Merit Certificate and Class Assembly

I'm way behind on pictures and just realized I had pictures from May on the camera! This was before Chris's parents came for a visit in July and August.  Emilia got a certificate of Merit at the assembly on  May 9th.

Then on August 1st, she had her class assembly.  And it was so well-timed that Chris's parents were here to attend!

Each class is responsible for a performance at the assembly throughout the year.  The teachers are so creative with the music and the outfits for the kids!  This year's theme was "People and Places Change over Time" with a special appearance from Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.  They sang "Time Warp" at the beginning and when they were changing the time.  The 1800s has piano music, 1900s had "Twist Again Like You Did Last Summer" and an Abba medley with the 2000s showcasing Katy Perry's "Firework".

Emilia and Nikemie

Emilia, Nikemie, and Selena

Emilia was part of the 1980's!  It wasn't hard to find many options in her clothes that I wore when I was her age!!

Her class before the performance

Time Warp

Dancing in the 1800s


Dancing Queen


The time warp bird

Her 80's group - Dancing to music mixed by DJs and tricks


The End

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