Monday, September 1, 2014


It rained the first 2 weekends that Chris's parents were here (typical of a Perth winter) but we made it to the Pinnacles on August 2nd.  Our first trip last year is here.

After the Pinnacles, we made our way to Cervantes for afternoon tea (snack) before heading to Lake Thetis to see the stromatolites.  I said I would never go back but the cavitations on the road weren't as bad this time so it didn't take 15 minutes bouncing up and down to get there which made the quick look better!

Beau loves to run

3 generations



My favorite boys

 Mamaw with Emilia and Beau

My babies are getting tall!

Did you spot Emilia?

The sky is perfect!

Blue screen.  Nope, just the beautiful sky in Western Australia!!

Chris leaned over and took this picture.  He was so proud!

Insert inspirational saying here.

HUGE ant

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