Friday, November 14, 2014

Emilia's 3 Day Trip to Rottnest Island

The three Year 3 classes at Emilia's school went to Rottnest Island for 3 days.  They left on a Wednesday morning and returned Friday afternoon.  This is an annual tradition at her school and I think it's as much for the kids as for the parents learning to let their 8 and 9 year olds go.  This whole school year has been leading up to this trip with learning about the island and bicycle training.

While Emilia was there, she was in a cabin of 4 kids and 1 adult.  Her cabin had Sophie, Ava and Laila.  Emilia and Sophie shared a room, Ava and Laila shared a room and Matthew's mom stayed on the fold out bed.  The cabins ranged from 3 kids to 6 kids.  They picked 5 friends in order that they wanted and one of the teachers organized who was going in what cabin.  So they didn't have to choose kids in their class.

The kids also had a budget ($10 for each person in their cabin) and had to plan the breakfast for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and cook.  So they planned to make pancakes on Thursday and toast, eggs and bacon for Friday.

On Wednesday after they got off the ferry, they played and had lunch at the bakery.  Then in the afternoon they went to the basin (the beach) and swam and played in the sand.  Then Emilia chose to do art.  They also went to the shops to buy breakfast items for the next 2 days.  Then they went home and made dinner of spaghetti bolognese with her house.

On Thursday, they had the triathlon.  Emilia ended up 5th in her division.  Then they went back to the houses to take a shower, went to the bakery for lunch and then the museum with all Year 3's. Then Emilia went to play and took a bike ride around the island with Thomas' dad, Thomas and Leo.  Then they went to the Settlement (bakery and shops) and got ice cream.  Then they went back and changed before the Year 3 barbeque with sausage sizzles, where the kids had to shoo away the seagulls, and game night.

On Friday, they packed up all their stuff and Emilia played tennis in the street.  Then they made their breakfast.  They played some more.

Emilia says she had the best backyard even though it was the smallest since it was filled with quokkas so everyone would come over there.  They went souvenir shopping (Emilia bought a stuffed quokka for her and Beau).  They went to Thomson Bay for a treasure hunt on the beach where you had to find tiny treasures from other countries and Emilia found what could have been a pirate earring.  They went for a swim and lunch.  Then back to the ferry.

Here's when we went as a family.  Emilia had a great time and took lots of pictures of quokkas and a peacock.  She took 1 picture of a friend and none inside the house.

Pictures Chris took before Emilia.  He had to take her and the bike down to Freo to catch the ferry.

Emilia and Sophie

 Emilia and Nik (removed)

The ferry going to Rottnest

Emilia's pictures:
Emilia at the top of the climbing frame at the bakery.  Picture taken by Sophie Cook.

1st Quokka we saw at the bakery.

The quokka is hopping away.

The seagull just landed.

This is Sophie Cook at our cottage.

This is the backyard with Nikemie's foot.

Baby quokka

Quokka outside the door

This is our pancake stack.

There are 2 peacocks on Rottnest Island.

Isabelle is in the background.

This one has his nose up to the camera.

Baby quokka tail in the momma's pouch.

Mom quokka with a baby with a hurt tail.

And Emilia is back!

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