Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

The night before Halloween, we carved pumpkins.  Chris and I have been carving pumpkins since we've been married.  The kids picked out their pattern and after scooping out the insides, they went to town.  This year Chris even found some pumpkin carving knives since all ours are in storage in the USA.  We realized how difficult it was last year without these little saws since we just had our kitchen knives. 

Then around 5:15 last night after an early and quick dinner we started trick or treating.  Celebrating Halloween is not so prevalent here but I noticed a big increase in costumes at the store and decorations just between last year and this one.  We even tried to get people to dress up at work and decorate the office!  We started around our house a bit slow but then found the block party we're used to!  Kids go when it's light so we started a little later and half the houses were out of candy on this street when we got to them but it was fun to see half of Emilia's school in their costumes.  Candy, gummy worms, chocolate and one family even had a popcorn machine.  There were a few games, tricks, and lots of treats.

Pumpkin guts!

Chris asked Beau to get closer to his pumpkin for a picture

Emilia making her outline

Cutting the pumpkins.

Chris had Beau fake cutting after I did it.  At first it was in his right hand but he's left handed.  But it really looks like he's thinking hard with his Chapman tongue hanging out!

All lit up!

Emilia's one-eyed pumpkin

Beau's pumpkin

Batman and Batgirl watching some tv while they wait to go trick or treating

Emilia with a smile

Now the crime fighters are both serious!

First house across the street had candy!

She's growing up but still wanted to be Batgirl so she had a superhero and could play dress up with Beau.

A witch handing out candy bars!

My posse

This house by the park went all out with decorations.

 Mario and Sam from Emilia's class last year greeted us when we found the Halloween street and gave us the tips on where to get popcorn.

Poor Batgirl's boots kept falling down and Batman was having problems seeing with his mask but that didn't slow them down.

Gummy fangs


The last house before heading home.  The streets were almost clear and everyone was heading home by 6:30.

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