Sunday, February 3, 2013


I was so excited to know that less than 2 weeks into our Australian adventure, I would see a friendly face from home!  Yesterday we picked up Evan in Cottlesloe and traveled north along the coast for half an hour to Hillarys for AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia).  We love aquariums as seen here in Corpus Christi and here in Seattle when we saw 2 aquariums in a week.

 I've never seen these kind of seahorses before (on the right).  There are 2 here that look like kelp.
 HUGE manta ray
 There was a large aquarium where we went through/around it on a motorized walkway.

 Cool octopus.  Beau would touch the glass quickly and then pull his hand away.
 A favorite at the aquariums - jellyfish
 Pink jellyfish



 2 stone fish (in front)
 I asked Emilia to look at the camera and then her ponytail went in the water

 The fish would come up and kiss Emilia.

 There could be a lot worse places to live!

 The end ;-)

Emilia starts Term 1 in Grade 2 tomorrow.  So 1st day of school pictures coming soon.


  1. Welcome to your new country! I think Australia would be a great place to live :) Great aquarium pics!

  2. can't wait to hear about E's first day of school. any new favorite foods/snacks? are you sporting straight hair every day??? :-) ben and cam went to monster truck jam lastnight, both are exhausted from their late night of junk food and white trash!