Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Australia Day Weekend

Here's what happens to a laptop when you're living in a furnished rental without a desk near the wifi...
We finally got it fixed today since Monday was a holiday.  Less than half an hour and it was as good as new.

So quick update: We picked up our black Pathfinder on Friday and signed the rental agreement today for our house.

Saturday was Australia Day, the Australian version of the 4th of July.  So instead of going to the crazy festival a block from the apartment, we headed off to the zoo on the south side of the Swan River.

 Black and white stork
 Simmo, the 60-year old male crocodile that can hold his breath for 40 minutes.

 The dingo stole my baby... oh but not these dingos since they were licking their zookeeper and acting like a normal domesticated dog.
 Kangaroos (Red and Grey)!  They have a portion called the Australian walkabout so they're just roaming around.

Baby and mama orangutan

 Giant tortoise
 Zebras and giraffe
 Baby meerkats

 Fireworks from our balcony

 The beach on Monday.  Clear water, white sand, and tons of seashells.  This is a beautiful place to live!


  1. Oh my the beach is gorgeous. Glad you all are settling in and liking new area. Kids at Galatas miss Emilia. :)

  2. How far are you guys from the beach? When do you move into your rental? MISS YOU! My kids are going to Monster Truck Jam on Saturday--wish I could meet you at The Black Walnut!