Monday, February 4, 2013

Emilia's 1st Day of Year 2

Emilia started school today.  Her teacher's name is Miss Damon (so the D-names continue-- Davis for K, Dominguez for 1st (and Ms. Durrett was their student teacher last semester).

According to Emilia:
There are 24 students and everyone is in Year 2 (sometimes they mix class grades).  The desks are set up in pods of 4 desks each.  They were able to pick their seats so she's sitting front and center with 2 girls that know each and 1 new girl.  She got to eat her snack and lunch outside.  Emilia had French before lunch and liked it because she learned numbers and can talk to people in Paris.  She made a friend on the playground that is in her class (plus the girl at her table that "made friends with me").  She likes school and is ready to go back tomorrow!  Right now she's drawing a picture for her teacher.

Instagram photo I shared before work
 Walking along the sidewalk to school (on the right)
 Outside her classroom

At her desk


  1. I am loving all of your updates! That is the cutest school uniform. Glad E likes school.