Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Margaret River - Day 2 continued - Three Caves

There are a series of caves in the Margaret River region.  After visiting the lighthouse, we bought a ticket to see 3 of them: Jewel Cave, Lake Cave and then Mammoth Cave.  If you could only see 1 cave, then Jewel Cave is the one to pick. After the caves, we went to the little town of Cowaramup to visit the Candy Cow!

CAVE 1: Jewel Cave (Guided Tour).  There were several platforms in multiple caverns where we stopped to listen to the tour guide point out features and history.  One spot at the end was a tight squeeze between the cave walls and walkway but overall it was nice and open.

Tree roots coming through the top of the cave

CAVE 2: Jewel Cave.  My least favorite cave.  To get to the cave opening, you go down wooden stairs that you can feel move.  Then entering the cave is really narrow and steep.  I wanted to cry when I got in there since I knew that I would have to go through that again to get out.  Jewel Cave is also 1 cavern.  You walked in along the side, walk along the lake to the end, watch a light show with different colored lights flashing throughout the cave and then leave. There was one interesting feature, the tabletop but it wasn't worth the stairs or narrowness climb in and out. 

 The Tabletop.  Suspended from the cave top above the water.

CAVE 3: Mammoth Cave.  This was a self-guided tour.  There was hardly anyone inside and I felt like we had the whole cave to ourselves.  Note to remember, it would be easier to go through the whole cave backwards when you reach the end than to climb the stairs out and make a "short" trek through nature to get back to the beginning.

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