Thursday, March 13, 2014

Albany - Whale World

Monday morning, we visited Whale World.  Albany used to be a very busy whaling station but it closed in 1978.  The station has been preserved and turned into Whale World.  The original oil drums have been turned into theaters showing a 3D whale movie as well as some other movies and museum.

Sperm Whale slide 

Old Whaling Ship 

Captain's Quarters 

Engine Room 

There are tours at the top at every hour. 

Where they would drag up the whales from behind the ships.  They would have to fight off the sharks trying to eat the whales. 

 The head saw to cut the whales
 The wenches used to pull the whales up the dock.

One of the holes they would push the whale blubber through to be cooked. 

Beau checking out the black and white pictures.  Color ones were available inside of the building for those that were interested (i.e. Chris) 

The hook to string the whale up. 

Where they would cook the blubber. 

A jaw bone entrance to a skeleton. 

A pygmy sperm whale.  Most of the whales processed here were sperm whales. 

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