Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea 2014

About 15 minutes away from our house is Cottesloe Beach.  This morning we went down to see The Sculptures by the Sea.  Emilia is going next week with her class (and last year too) but Chris, Beau and I hadn't experienced it.  Disclaimer: The names used below are not the actual names of the sculptures… which probably didn't need to be said but anyway onto the art...

Bamboo window 

Metal poles with rainbow colored strings 

We loved how it looked different from all angles

Mushroom made of towels with locations around Perth embroidered on it 


Barbie wave… Barbies?  Yes, the weird texture is made from Barbie dolls (see close-up below) 

Yeah I know I've mentioned how difficult is us to live here.  Today was a low of 58 and high of 73. It feels like fall has arrived!

Box that contains junk found at the beach 

Buried surfboards

Sea animals made from bottle caps.  The big middle one looked like a squid. 

Giant basketball rims 

Buried water bottles with solar lights 


Fortune cookies by the sea 

Ballerina girl 

Globe made out of plastic pieces like fins and rubber mats 


Bullseye - little flags blowing in the wind

Survivor Tribal Council 

Dog mirrors 

This was the winning sculpture this year.  The top moves in the wind. 

Don't you forget about me 

More feet in the background 

This sculpture was at the end of the pier.  Skeleton riding a bike with umbrella.  Part Elliot in E.T. and part Mary Poppins with a bit of Goonies thrown in. 

Twig house with crocheted flowers.  Taking a closer look, it's not yarn but plastic bags that are woven together. 

Tree frogs and bugs 

Plastic vertebrae made with white dog toys 

Wooden tomb  


So nice to have water fountains plus a water bottle refill part. 

The jungle book.  Woven plastic crocheted vines. 

Tree chandeliers.  Made from big plastic bubble wrap. 

God's sculpture… Just a tree ;-) 

Rusty squiggles in a block 

Only 1 cloud in the sky 

Giant white balloon octopus 

Mad Max 

 Dirty Dancing's Water Lift

Giant chicken! But still not as colorful as Beyonce the chicken...

Each of these grouping have a small figurine at the top 

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  1. I have never seen anything like that! Thank you for sharing it with us! Bet you're loving the cooler temps . . . Spring is springing here--if only the ice storms would stop!