Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beau's 4th Birthday

 My 8-9-10 baby is now 4 years old!

 Chris making the fire truck birthday cake

 Beau using his new claw to rescue the kitties from the tree.

Everyone's up so Beau can open his birthday presents!  Legos, hot wheels and Superheros make this 4 year old happy.

Emilia picked this out for Beau's birthday and was going to buy it with her own money.  Such a sweet gesture that I bought it for her to give him.


Beau has wanted this police station for months.  It has a jail for baddies!  We always had to check it out at Target and Toys R Us.

The only lego with Flash.

Flash runs fast!

Building the surfboard men that get attacked by the shark.  How very Aussie!

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