Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beau's 4th Birthday Party

Beau had a Fireman Birthday party with his friends from school plus Evan, Mamaw and Paw Paw! 

 Beau wearing last year's Halloween costume

Ellie the Elf came dressed up for Beau's birthday.

Beau's favorites (besides Quiche) - Cheese O's, pretzels, skittles, M&Ms, Strawberries &Watermelon
 We were supposed to have red chocolate ends to look like matches but the red food coloring messed up the white chocolate.  Lesson learned: buy colored chocolate.

The fire truck and building.  It was a happy extra cake from cutoffs that made it the perfect blowing out/spit cake for Beau.

Fire Truck Coloring

Save the kitties

 Hula hoops over the fire hydrant

 Obstacle course ladder

 Throw the water balloon to put out the "fire"

The water balloons lasted maybe 5 minutes.

Evan and Lou Ann

We tried to block off the toys with the chairs but they ended up playing well.

Emilia and Sophie

The parents visiting

Sparkler #4

Beau sneaking some more food - watermelon under the table.  Note that the tablecloth doesn't go to the floor so it's not a good hiding spot.

3 pieces at once.

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