Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Cookies

An annual Chapman tradition is decorating cookies.  This year we made sugar and gingerbread cookies.  We had Aussie ones (crocodile, koala, kangaroo, Australia), Ikea animals (moose, squirrel, echina, wolf, bear, snail), stars, candy cane, gingerbread men in all sizes, & Christmas trees but no snowman or Santa!  We also didn't have the red and green sprinkles but we had fun!

Beau was great at the candy details this year

Look at all those cookies!

All of the decorated cookies!

Beau's cookies 

Tracey's cookies #1- The only moose that didn't lose one or both of his legs.  Notice the one above it that is swimming (Emilia's brilliant idea)

Tracey's cookies #2

Emilia's cookies #1

Emilia's cookies #2

Chris's cookies

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