Monday, December 22, 2014

Emilia's Tadpoles Triathlon #1

Emilia participated in her 1st non-school triathlon very early in the morning on Sunday, December 14th.  She trained all of term 4 with her school and then had a triathlon when she was at Rottsnest and an after school triathlon in December.  She was part of the Tadpoles division for kids ages 7-11 that had a 100m Swim, 3km Cycle and 500m Run.

Emilia happy at 6:20AM. At least it's nice and sunny so it doesn't feel so early.

Beau being Beau :-)

The run from the beach to the green buoy on the left to the green buoy on the right and then back to the beach.

The first heat is off at 7AM.  The next heat goes when they get the first buoy.

Emilia is in the middle back at the start of her group of 10 in Heat 3

Emilia swimming

Emilia in the middle

E was tired after that ocean swim
Transition between swim and bike

Almost done with the bike portion!

And Emilia is off for the run

Strong finish!

Windup done before 8AM! We take a trip to the new Krispie Kreme and back home to change for church.

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