Sunday, December 21, 2014

Emilia's String Soiree

Emilia participated in the first annual string soiree at her school on the afternoon of Friday, December 12th.  She started playing the violin at the beginning of the year since Year 3 is the first year the kids can be picked to play an instrument.  (Year 4 the chosen play cello, Year 5 brass instruments, etc.) She was one of 6 chosen from her whole grade at the end of last year to play the violin!  She must have Aunt Kaley's musical instrument talent. 

She played "Missed It" and "Jingle Bells" with her class.  As the finale, all violins, violas and cellos played "Jingle Bells" together.

Her class: Chelsea, Emilia & Sarah

Smiling for the camera while playing "Jingle Bells"

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