Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break - Day 2 Alamogordo, NM Zoo

After White Sands, we drove back to Alamogordo for lunch and then went to the zoo.

Black swan with 3 babies

 We'd never seen an orange duck like this one.
 Or a black and white one with brown like this one.  I actually love this picture too!  It's almost divided in half with the turtles on the concrete and the duck in the dark green water.  I bet this would be a nice painting if I was any kind of painter.

 Nice view!
 Isn't this the weirdest animal?


 The zoo had sea otters.

 And eagles. I can see why people love these!  Their eyes are so intriguing.

 See the big crocodile?
 Meep, meep.  It's a roadrunner!

 Not sure what they use this stage for but the kids made them self at home performing.

 This was a giant porcupine.  Too bad you can't tell the scale in this picture.


 Mule deer
 Wolves.  They would just circle the perimeter.  Beautiful animals.
 Look!  Beau has teeth!  8 in the front and 3 molars just started coming in this week.
 Playtime at the zoo park

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