Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break - Day 3 Lincoln, NM Billy the Kid

After Capitan, we drove to Lincoln, NM and as Emilia called it, The Old West.  It had interesting historic buildings to tour:
  • The old courthouse museum/jail. You could see the chains they put on prisoner's legs, where they shackled them to the ground in the holding cell upstairs, and the bullet hole from Billy the kid when he escaped.
  • The old general store made out of adobe.  It was chilly inside!  Emilia loved holding the adobe brick.  Did you know a traditional adobe brick weighed 30 pounds?
  • A Torreon where the sharpshooters were stationed to protect the town 
  • A museum with clothes of the settlers and Indians, artwork, and general information.  One interesting fact was the black soldiers that fought the Indians were given the name Buffalo soldiers since their hair resembled the buffalo's and that they were fierce like a buffalo.
  • There was also the San Juan mission.
  • We accidentally walked into an artist's studio at the back of the store but she was nice enough to explain to us how she makes the glass objects in the store like the crosses and birds.
  • In another store, they showed us how to spin yarn out of wool.  She also had about 10 samples samples of other materials that you can spin into yarns from muskox (8 times warmer than wool), alpaca, cashmere, mohair and even human hair.  Then she showed us how to weave that into a fabric on an old loom.

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