Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break - Day 3 Roswell, NM

Then we drove to Roswell.  We were going to have lunch in Lincoln but the hotel was closed and this looked like the only place to eat.  So everyone was grouchy and hungry by the time we got to Roswell.  Let me just give you some advice about eating in Roswell--- don't go to Farley's (near New Mexico Military Institute).  It was dirty, the waitress asked if we knew which food was ours when she brought it out and Beau had horribly sour milk.  Apparently we should have gone to the Flying Saucer McDonald's.  That would have been the kitch I was looking for in Roswell.  The UFO museum was every bit as tacky and kooky as I expected.  Luckily we had really enjoyed Capitan and Lincoln so we didn't feel too bad not spending a lot of time there.

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