Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break - Days 2 & 4 Cloudcroft, NM

Here's a sign showing the elevation of Cloudcroft vs. Alamogordo (which is maybe 20 minutes down the mountain).
from here

We stopped at the old railroad Trestle on the way back from Alamogordo on Monday.

We spent Wednesday exploring Cloudcroft.  It is small but cute.  Apparently is was "really busy" for spring break in town but we hardly saw anyone out and about.  The kids loved just playing at the playground after the day of travelling down and up and down and up on the roads on Tuesday.  Then we celebrated Bethanee's 7th Birthday that night with spaghetti, cake and presents.  Good thing too since Bethanee didn't feel good on Thursday (her actual birthday) and threw up before going to school.

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