Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flying Halfway Around the World Part 1

16 of our immediate family went to Saltgrass for lunch at noon. My parents were dropping off the luggage and taking their car back while Chris's parents had standby seats so they could get through security and wait at the gate with us.

We needed to arrive 3 hours before our flight and we were closer to 3 1/2. We are flying Qantas but our 1st leg to Dallas was through American Airlines. So I try to get our boarding passes using the computer. It doesn't find anything. So I have to talk to an agent. There's one person in front of me. She has to look it up since it doesn't list the AA flight number. So she gets us checked in for the 1st flight but can't help us get Beau's seat number for flight #2.

So she's checking in our 8 bags and car seat. She prints 5 luggage tags and then has to print more. We finally get them all through and she hands us their number tags. There are 8 and she has 1 printed that wasn't put on a bag. So she goes to check and see if there's one in the car seat and there is. She calls down after 5 minutes to see if there are any unlabeled bags. She gives them the numbers so they can pull them out.

When she calls back again, they go through the numbers and they say they have 8. But 1 of the numbers isn't in her claim tickets. Oh-- there it is when she looks behind the printer and the car seat is number nine the baggage handlers realize.

Next up, security. We manage to get through screening fairly quickly and then the metal detectors. Beau cries because he has to send his truck through and then won't walk so I end up carrying him and he won't let me put him down.

We see a Starbucks, get drinks and sit down. We're thru at its around 3:15. Restroom breaks, wiggling, sitting in the massaging chairs ensue. Then I take a look at the boarding passes. Gate check in us at 3:30. So I tell Chris and then he asks what time it is... 3:45. Great I figure we've missed our plane. We hear final call for Chapman and Emilia and I run down to the gate (always at the end). Apparently we got on an earlier flight but that was never pointed out to us probably due to the bag fiasco.

So there was no lingering goodbyes to Chris's parents. Just quick hugs and dragging all the carry-ons down the causeway. The plane is half empty so we take our quick flight to Dallas and land about the time we expected to board the plane.

We've had a bite of dinner at Bennigan's (We thought they ally closed) and some Ben and Jerry's. Chris got our seats while E and B ate their ice cream and now we wait for a couple more hours until we can board the plane. Emilia has her blanket and pillow pet out, shoes off and is curled up watching Peter Pan. Beau is playing Legos on the iPhone running on pure adrenaline.

I'll post on Facebook when we land in Brisbane and again when we finally get to Perth. We're dreading dragging all of the luggage and carrying through customs after this 16 hour plane ride. I should have taken a picture when it was loaded up at the curb but its every bit as crazy as you can imagine 8 large suitcases, 4 carry-on suitcases, a briefcase, back back, diaper bag, purse and car seat would be. It's looks like we're moving... Oh yeah, we are... and this is what we have for the next 2 months until our container shows up from its travel at sea.

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