Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  It's hard to believe that we've already reached the end of 2012.  It has been an exciting end of the year.  Let me do a timeline to catch up the blog.

Thursday, November 22 : Thanksgiving Day. Run Thru the Woods.

Friday, November 23 : Tumey Thanksgiving
Saturday, November 24: Chapman Thanksgiving.  Tracey starts to run a fever.
 Monday, November 26 : Tracey tries to go to the doctor but there's a 3 hour wait.  Figures that she will get some Mucinex and feel better tomorrow.
Tuesday, November 27 : Still running a high fever and goes to the doctor and waits for them to open.  Diagnosed with the flu and bronchitis.
Thursday, November 29 - Still sounds bad but energy is returning.

Friday, November 30 : Chris gets the flu.  Goes to the doctor and gets Tamiflu and feels good again on Sunday.  Tracey goes back to work.  Less than 2 hours later, gets asked if she would be interested in going to Perth, Australia.  YES! The position would not be project dependant but then do they want me? I don't have the years of experience and don't know the Perth employees or projects.
Tuesday, December 4 : Phone interview with Perth.  Only scheduled for half an hour but goes for over an hour and a half.  Realize that maybe this could happen after about an hour and that they're not just humoring me.  So when?  ASAP.  Person is transitioning onto a project already so the position is vacant.  Takes 3 - 4 weeks for a visa.  The school year for Emilia starts at the beginning of February so we'd target mid-January.

Wednesday, December 5 : Chris tells his principal that it's a possibility that we could be transferred (halfway around the world with a 14 hour time difference). 
Monday, December 10 : Given a verbal offer and accept it.
Tuesday, December 11: Chris turns in his resignation.  He's not going back after the break.  Start the ball rolling with how to lease the house, getting a mailbox and storage unit.  Transitions at work, etc.

Monday, December 17 : Tracey emails the signed contract.

So we've been sorting everything lately along with all the Christmas festivities.  Stuff to donate, throw away, store and what we're going to keep.  We can't find a house until we're in Perth since they have to be done in person so we're taking the stuff like beds and dressers and couch but none of the electronics and lamps since they won't work there. 

The "For Lease" sign went up in the yard yesterday and we should be up and listed on Wednesday.  Freckles and the fish went to live with some friends and Mao is with Chris's parents so we'll be able to keep up with them. The cars are being sold.  And we're generally trying to get everything done while waiting for the visas to come through.

Chris and I before the Christmas party

Beau and Emilia on Market Street for Tuba Christmas

So to wrap up 2012, let's visit the resolutions for 2012:
1) Work out 3 days a week.  I'm following the 9 week Couch to 5K program on my iPhone. I'll also keep going to a yoga or Pilates class.
We joined Villa Sport and love it!  The kids go to the Kids Club while Chris and I workout.  Then this summer we'd go to the pool.  Then soccer season started and we haven't been back to the pool.  Also started training for the CBI Sprint Triathlon in May 2013.

2) Wake up early to do Goal #1.  This means 4:15am for 2 or 3 days a week.
Yeah I call this one a fail.  But with Villa we could work out after work.

3) Celebrate our 11th Anniversary in March since I was out of town for our 10th.
We went to lunch at Jasper's on Market Street.  Didn't get to the movie though.

4) Give Emilia and Beau fun birthday parties.
Done and done.

5) Help Chris around the house more.  He cooks, he cleans, he takes care of the kids after school.
I'm sure Chris would say that he hasn't seen any improvement here.

6) Read at least 12 new books, probably on my iPhone.  Maybe I should make a resolution to read 2 real books that I have stacked up and 10 iPhone books.
Read 13 books (3 real books).  I keep track on the right side of this blog -->
7) Visit Cloudcroft, NM to see Bethanee, Marsha and Bill.
Went over Spring Break in March.

8) Visit Seattle to see Stephanie, Brian and Jake.
Went in August.

9) Take my lunch to work and only buy it once a week.  We make Emilia do it and we should too!
Well I might only buy once or twice a week since I have a lot of lunchtime meetings but not so good on bringing it from home.

10) Chris and I want to Run through the Woods on Thanksgiving 2012 (which goes back to Goal #1) We did the family walk so we could have Beau in the stroller.

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  1. Hi Tracey, Chris and family

    Look forward to meeting you 'down under' in Oz. yes WA is expensive but beautiful with awesome beaches. I am sure you will love it. We have 2 other American families at Malaga where we worship. I work in Admin in a lovely Christian school from kindy to year 12.

    I wish you safe travels to Perth.

    God Bless
    Mary Ambrosini