Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Part 2 - We're here (Perth: Day 1)

The plane ride from Dallas to Brisbane was long but not too bad.  Everyone had their own tv and we could watch movies, tv shows, listen to music, play games but mostly we slept.  The kids slept and slept and slept.  Someone was sick on our flight so when we arrived at the airport, we couldn't get off until Quarantine had ok'ed the plane.  Our next flight was scheduled to take off in less than 2 hours and boarding was in 1.5.  So it took about 15 minutes to get off the plane.

Once we got off, we had to go through customs, claim our bags (3 trolleys-- Emilia pushed one along with Chris and I and Beau was riding on top of mine in the car seat), travel to the Qantas check-in counter to re-check our bags, catch a bus to the other airport for domestic flights, make it through security and rush to the gate.  We had 5 minutes to spare.  We're now 12 hours ahead of Houston.

So the kids slept on Flight #3 from Brisbane to Perth.  I think I was more restless on this flight even though we had the tvs again since we didn't have as much room in Economy as we did on Flight #2 in Economy Plus.  Once we arrive, we're 14 hours ahead of Houston.  We see our driver, and start getting all the bags.  Chris is paged and told that one of our bags didn't make it from the Brisbane flight.  Not too bad considering that we had 10 checked things (8 suitcases, 1 car seat and 1 stroller).  They said it would go out on the 4 o'clock run so we should have it between 4:30 and 6:30.

Emilia as we get to Perth.  Still holding onto Tooth #3 but it's going to be lost any day.

So we get the van and trailer loaded up and head to the property management office to pick up the keys to the furnished apartment that will be our home for the next month.  We thought we would stay until our container got here but now the rented furniture option is looking more appealing... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  We have the keys and find the building.  Our driver waits outside while we got to find the apartment.  We got in the front door but then can't figure out why our keys aren't letting us in the building.  Someone comes out so we go in.  Then the key won't work in the elevator.  Someone asks us where we're trying to go and explains that we're in the tower part and that's why we can't go up-- we're in the wrong building.  So he shows us where to go.  Up 1 elevator (or loads of stairs) and then into the back building and up to the 8th floor.  Its funny how they number this building.  Its not 100s on the 1st floor, 200s on the 2nd, etc.  We're a 2 digit number and not surrounded by all sorts of other numbers.  Its like the numbered the units by completion date or something.  Weird!

So we get to our apartment finally.  Not that it took that long to get there from the airport but we had been on 3 flights over the last day and a half.  Its around 1pm, we're hungry and hot and thirsty and just want to get everything settled. I go down and get the driver to go into the garage so we can bring the bags straight up and not go through 3 doors and 2 elevators to get there.  We need to call the airline with our phone number so they can call on their way and we realize that the phone doesn't work (still doesn't to call out but if you come to our building you can call the apartment) so we get the wifi working an email becomes our lifeline to people in Perth.

I email my HR person and tell him that the crib isn't here, the phone isn't working and I have no way to contact the airline.  So he calls the airline.  We had ambitious plans to get a car, phone and bank on Day 1 but now we're waiting on a bag.  So I talk to the car dealership about the Nissan Pathfinder we put a deposit on and say it will probably be tomorrow since they close at 6pm.  They saving grace was some staples that they gave us to start.  The kids had some milk, banana and bread and checked out the tv.  Chris found a grocery store and bought some more milk, frozen pizzas for dinner, and some other random food.  Emilia fell asleep on the couch and wouldn't wake up for dinner but then was up at 1am doing cartwheels.  We got them back to sleep since we knew we had another busy day ahead of us.

So the apartment is modern.  Not exactly kid-friendly with 3 balconies but nice.  We have 2 bedrooms (and closets) and 2 bathrooms along with a washer and dryer. There are no overhead lights (except in the kitchen and bathrooms) or dressers.  There is a darker carpet that looks nice (coming from an anti-carpet person) but really going to be a challenge due to a certain 2 year old's eating habits.

There is a big square dining table that is dark wood with 8 leather parsons chairs.  The kitchen has a nice fridge but no ice (or trays to make ice), electric cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, toaster and tons of plates, glasses, platters... we could give a dinner party.  White lacquer cabinets with big stainless steel pull rods with slick grey square tiles and solid surface ivory speckled countertops.

 The master bedroom has a queen bed and attached bathroom with a sink and bathtub/shower combo and toilet.  The sink is on a floating shelf with some storage.  The beds are pretty low so there isn't room to put the suitcases under them.  So now we're going to put them in the 2nd bathroom's shower.  Yes, in the shower.  I will take some pictures once we get things put away and not in the middle of the living room floor, hallway, and bedroom floors.

I'll catch up on Day 2: Househunters International Perth tomorrow and also Day 3: INTECSEA Perth about how the 1st day of work was.  It will begin around 9am with all the HR stuff and then end with the state of the company dinner from 5-7pm (we have it as a lunch in Houston).  Just a tease-- we put an application in on the house I've been internet stalking for a month.  Maybe we'll even hear back.

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  1. reading, thinking, praying--wishing you guys all the best. rest and relaxation, adventure and joy! can't wait to see pictures! LOVE!!!