Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 3 Melbourne: River cruise, Cooks Cottage, Fairy Tree

Saturday we woke up to 3 hot air balloons going over our apartment!  They saw a beautiful sunrise.

We went down to Southbank to catch a ferry.  The footbridge has "love locks" all along it.

We took a river ferry to Williamstown and then back to Melbourne.  We thought it was a guided tour but it ended up that it isn't typically but there's someone on board who can answer questions so he ended up being our personal tour guide.

Then we went to Fitzroy's Gardens.  We visited Cooks' Cottage where the Cook family lived.  They had an Easter egg treasure hunt for the kids where they answered questions planted in the house and gardens and then they got a chocolate treat from the gift shop.

There is also a miniature Tudor village and the Fairies Tree with carvings based on Ola Cohn's books.

The ANZ building is totally self-sustaining for energy.

They tried to disguise the car park at the bottom. It's nicknamed the dalmation.

The dockyards 

The Melbourne Eye 

You can see where they expanded the bridge for additional lanes. 

The Sea Shephard 

One of the cute shopping and eating lanes- Degraves St.

You see graffitti all along the train lines in Melbourne.  The was an alley in the CBD with crates and street art.

Cooks' Cottage 

They had dress-up clothes from the era.

Tudor Village 

Fairies Tree 

And of course we played at the park. 

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