Monday, June 2, 2014

Rosalie Anzac Service

Anzac Day is the Australian equivalent of Memorial Day in the United States.  It is for Australians and New Zealanders that died in conflict.  It usually falls near the school holidays between terms 1 and 2 but Emilia's school held the service on April 11th before the two week break.

Rosalie Primary holds an Anzac dawn service every year that starts at 6AM.  A boy and girl from each class are chosen to lay flowers (Year 7s lay a wreath) to symbolize the remembrance of the dead.  Emilia and Rafe were chosen from her classroom.  Rosemary is also worn by all the students.  "Lest we forget" is repeated at the end of the poem recited The Ode of Remembrance.

Emilia wearing her sprig of rosemary. 

The flowers 

Rafe and Emilia 

All the class representatives lined up in chairs 

Emilia going back to her chair after laying the flowers 

A veteran giving a speech 

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