Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 5 Melbourne: Werribee Open Range Zoo

Easter Monday (yes, another holiday in Australia) we took a train an hour outside of Melbourne to get out to the Werribee Open Range Zoo.  We took a 45 minute safari tour through to see zebras, giraffes, antelope, ostriches and many more animals.  Then we could take a walking trail around to see some of the animals that we missed on the safari like cheetahs and gorillas.


Yes, one of the 3 pictures that I didn't take. I spared you the one where Beau showed us what was inside of his mouth.


 African Wild Dog

Beau trying to feed the chickens. 

A little obstacle course 

It was close to feeding time so the hippos made their way out of the water.  They sure were mad that they wouldn't give them food and they grunted and showed their big, long tusks but then went back in the water. 

Loved the African touches throughout the park. 

Can you leap as far as a cheetah when it runs? 

Signs were posted warning us that the guinea foul were very protective of their new babies. 

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