Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beau's First Day of School in Australia

I will get to the many posts from Christmas in Houston this week.  But first here are some pictures from Beau's first day of school last Friday.  He is in Pre-Kindy (3 year Preschool) montessori program on Mondays and Fridays next to his tennis school and Emilia's school.  His August birthday makes him miss the June 30th cut of for Kindy (4 year preschool) by just over a month.  But as they say in Australia-- No worries!  Emilia starts on Monday and she is so excited to get back!

Emilia and Beau at the house before school 

So cute with his backpack! 

In his classroom before he hangs his backpack up 

Telling Daddy goodbye 

No tears.  Ready to sit and listen to his teacher reading.

Beau had a good first day of school.  He didn't say much other than he ate all of his lunch and snacks.  He said he listened to his teacher and then told Mamaw on the phone that he painted.

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